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The Unwilling The Penitent The untilmurder Sins of the Mothers

Until Murder Do Us Part

by Treg Julander

(Apr 2013, paperback $14.95 ISBN: 978-1427696366; ebook $2.99 ISBN: 9781310378683  ) 

Mike Kingston, an attorney at an elite Washington, D.C., law firm, wakes up from a violent nightmare to find his hands wrapped around his wife's throat, almost killing her. A few nights later, on the same day that he settles an important case and is elected to the partnership, Mike awakes to find his wife suffocated in their own bed.

Mike becomes the focus of a highly publicized murder investigation with compelling evidence of his guilt. While preparing his defense, Mike comes to the awful realization that he might, in fact, have killed his wife.

His two-year-old daughter is his only reason to keep fighting. The "monster" she saw that night might indeed have been the killer.

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