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The Penitent (The Children of Lilith, Vol. 2)

(Whitney Finalist)

by C. David Belt

(Jun 2012, hardcover $24.95 ISBN: 978-1-4276-9581-9; paperback $14.95 ISBN: 978-1-4276-9579-6; ebook $2.99 ISBN: 978-1-4524-9110-3 ) 

In 6,000 years no vampire has ever defied Lilith, Queen of the vampires...until now. Moira and Carl Morgan have saved the city from the horror of Michael and his wives, but victory has come at terrible cost. And there are consequences to every choice, every victory. Word has spread that someone has broken Lilith’s power, that someone has defied the ancient Queen. And she’s not happy.

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What others are saying about The Penitent:

The book is told from Moira's point of view, and it was thrilling to read.
This book takes you in so many emotional directions: spiritual, happy, sad, sighing at the romantic parts, scared, and the reader will be thrilled from the first page. The characters are more fleshed out in this, the second volume. You'll find yourself falling in love with them all over again. The author knows how to insert gospel truths into a vampire novel in a way that you never thought would be possible. It's not preachy, but touching and informative. The author inserts many Book of Mormon stories and uses them in a way to teach vampires and the reader gospel truths. The plot continues from the first volume picking up with the same characters, and adding new exciting ones as well. I found myself riveted to this novel. The author wrote so much excitement into this volume that it will become addictive. This volume is brilliant, thoughtful, inspiring, and Moira is as always, loveable! — Book Junkie Reviews

The writing in the Penitent was much tighter than the first book. While you should really read the first book first, there is enough recap in the second book that you could read it alone. He tells just enough so the new reader knows what's going on. This book contains more of the Latter-day Saint beliefs and contains references to stories from The Book of Mormon. A key story is described in enough detail that all the readers will be acquainted with the highlights and understand its significance to the penitent vampires. And Belt also mentions some other stories that illustrate the same point, but does not give any details. I don't think it will be confusing for the reader. I especially liked the authors comments at the end of the book. You should check it out. — Deborah Carl

Just when you thought you had read enough about vampires, Mr. C. David Belt pens a tale about vampires that really isn't about vampires at all. How? Well this story is about characters, a man and a woman, who happen to be LDS, vampires, in love and fighting the evil within; all the while trying to save the world by ridding the world of evil, one exciting page at a time. I could not put this book down. We resume the story of Carl, the "unwilling" vampire and his wife Moira. This time from the mind and perspective of Moira. Her Scottish lilting voice is still in my mind's ear, and her strong love and commitment to Christ and her husband is unwavering throughout the tome. A great read! Principles and culture decidedly LDS. Powerful and fun! Good wins, but not easily! Great Job, David. You Rock! — Dr. Jeff Jamison, Spokane, WA

This was an excellent follow up novel to The Unwilling. The themes of redemption and hope stayed strong, the characters stayed true to how they were written and the story and writing improved from the first book. I really appreciate the author's unwavering demonstration of faith. The book is a vampire story and so there are terrible villains and hear wrenching events, but the story pulls you through because you have hope in the lead characters to do what must be done, while also doing the right things. I absolutely recommend this book. — Jerusha Welborn, West Valley City, UT