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Fires of Jerusalem Adam's Dream cover of Coming of Elijah Across a Harvested Field

Fires of Jerusalem (Whitney Nominee)

by Marilyn Brown

(2011, Parables $14.95 paper; $3.99 ebook   ISBN 978-1427649775  Paper, ebook) 

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Advance Praise for Fires of Jerusalem

“Delivering some very gripping dramatic scenes, Fires of Jerusalem opens a window on a world most of us don’t know very well, if at all. A stunning achievement.” —Marilyn Arnold, Professor Emeritus, BYU, Author of the acclaimed memoir, Bittersweet

“Marilyn Brown is one of the stalwarts of our ethnocentric fiction, bringing zest, imagination, subtlety, and shimmering prose to a genre dominated by cliché. Fires of Jerusalem is a thoroughly researched, soul-expanding work which both tells a cracking yarn, and forces the reader to explore the meaning of Biblical passages we too often blithely glide by.” —Andrew R. Hall, Associate Professor of History, Kyushu University, Japan

“I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. Marilyn Brown’s retelling of the relatively unfamiliar Old Testament story of Jeremiah is fresh and exciting. This illuminating portrait of a complex, fascinating Biblical prophet provided the context necessary for me to make a personal connection with the ancient world.”—Angela Hallstrom, Author of the award-winning novel, Bound on Earth

“Original and exciting . . . with emotion and insight. Parallels with our own time.” —Richard H. Cracroft, Book Columnist, BYU Magazine

“Jeremiah’s name is synonymous with a tirade, a long list of evils and social ills. Marilyn Brown captures this all in three words: Jerusalem was broken. From that opening sentence Marilyn goes on to give a six-decade portrait of Jeremiah from his first vision at fourteen years old to his hiding sacred artifacts in a hill to his flight from Jerusalem and hiding sacred records in a barrel. In between we see a portrait of Jeremiah as a sometime reluctant prophet living among dangerous people, and among other prophets, Lehi, Ezekiel, Daniel, Jehu, Zephaniah, Nahum, his Aunt Huldah, the prophetess, and his father Hilkiah, who discovers the lost record of Moses. We see him descending into the valley of the shadow, into the miry pit. We wait for every writer’s nightmare, to watch your work burn page by page. But Jeremiah comes out of the pit, out of the shadow. And out of the fire come his words.” —Harlow Clark, Literary Critic, Author of the introduction to Marilyn Brown’s Serpent in Paradise

“I wasn’t sure anyone could make an Old Testament prophet, especially one as dour and dishwater dull as Jeremiah, accessible to readers, let alone appealing. Marilyn Brown accomplishes just that in Fires of Jerusalem. The thing I like best about this engaging book is how well Brown has done her homework; for all her narrative expansion and psychological imagination, she’s remarkably true to the Biblical text of Jeremiah. And I liked almost as much how thoroughly I was caught up in the drama, captivated by the action of the novel, from the first page.” —Steven Walker, Professor of English: Bible as Literature

“This dynamic historical novel about the Prophet Jeremiah made his life and turbulent times come alive for me. It will do the same for you.” —Bill Pope, Inventor of the Synthetic Diamond, CEO of US Synthethic (1922–2010)

“I’m impressed . . .”—Daniel Ludlow, Biblical Scholar (1924–2009)

“Marilyn Brown’s novel about the Old Testament prophet, Jeremiah, filled many gaps in my understanding of this Biblical time. Well researched and believable.” —Veda Hale, Author of Maurine Whipple’s biography, Swell Suffering

“In Marilyn Brown’s Fires of Jerusalem, the prophet Jeremiah is a poet, a husband, father, grandfather, and friend. As we read Jeremiah’s story, we see how Biblical history may have been shaped. More than anything, Brown shows us that destiny—including the courses of entire governments—can turn on the relationships of a few significant people.” —Jack Harrell, Professor of English, BYU Idaho, Author of award-winning novel, Vernal Promises

“A well-written and compellingly inventive account of Jeremiah’s life and times.” —Mary C. Walker, Editor

“Powerful fiction can energize history. Adept at her craft, Marilyn Brown has woven a compelling tale around the times of the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah, an exposé of the royal families, political intrigue, high adventure, military threats and attacks, imprisonment and disasters. Through surprising and legendary twists and turns, Fires of Jerusalem still stays impressively faithful to the history of the Israelites and the destruction of Jerusalem. —Douglas Alder, President Emeritus of Dixie College, Historian, Author of the novel, Sons of Bear Lake.

“I would not have guessed that the character of Jeremiah could be intriguing, but through the genius of Marilyn Brown’s imagination, this Old Testament prophet came alive for me. I intended to skim Fires of Jerusalem, but ended up reading every word in one sitting. It was so interesting, informative, such a good read—I didn’t want to quit. This well-researched book is a perfect example of the value of good historical fiction. —Darla Isaacson, Editor, Author of After My Son’s Suicide

“With her captivating writing style and obvious Biblical scholar-ship, Marilyn Brown provides a compelling and unforgettable look on the life and times of Jeremiah in the setting of a historical novel. I loved it.” —Sheila Olsen, Public Speaker, Writer for Idaho Falls’ Post Register and the Ensign