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In a Dry Land

by Elizabeth Petty Bentley

(Feb 2014, Parables $1.99   ISBN 9781310635205  ebook) 

Libby is a born caretaker—although not by choice. Her parents bred her specifically to care for her severely retarded older sister when they would no longer be able to. But at only nineteen—sooner than she expected—Libby is already Mama to Baby. Libby loves her sister, yet naturally still yearns for a husband and children of her own. Unfortunately, she has convinced herself that no one would ever want to marry her, with a thirty-year-old Baby. Clearly Mick wouldn’t. He knows Baby’s challenges better than anyone outside the family. He also knows the family’s darkest secrets.

Mick loves Libby and admires her compassion. He’s even willing to take on responsibility for Baby. But he hesitates to ask Libby to marry him, because she seems more in love with the idea of marriage than with him. How can he know she’s not marrying him out of desperation?

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